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Digital Day Last Years Agenda Example

The purpose of this document is to provide a template for Digital Day. It is meant as guidance only, to help inform how you run the day. For each of the items there are separate instructions and resources to help you get the best out of the day. Please tailor the times in the below agenda to fit the school day.

Three top tips to make your day run smoothly:
- If you're an agency, please ensure that you're in touch with your school before the day. Swap mobile numbers so it's easy to get in touch.
- Please arrive with enough time to prep and set up before the students are due for Digital Day.
- The school day may not fit easily into this agenda but the approximate timings for each activity are stated so you can amend as you see fit.

School Day Starts


Agency Arrival and Prep | 15 min

◦ Meet and greet teacher(s) who will be taking part in the day.
◦ Walkthrough the agenda and customise to consider breaks, number of students taking part (if an agency is attending they should have already made contact with their school in advance on these matters).

Set Up | 15 min

◦ Set up the room, laying out for number of students attending, set up presentations etc.

Digital Day Starts

Introductions and Agenda | 5 min

◦ Agency members to introduce themselves.
◦ High level overview of the agenda for the day

Icebreaker Game | 25 min

◦ Agency to run icebreaker game to warm up the students for the day ahead.

Presentation Part 1: What is Digital? | 20 min

◦ Agency to talk about themselves - who they are, what they do, who they work with etc.
◦ Agency to provide an overview of Digital Day
◦ Agency to provide an introduction to Digital

Video: THINK + MAKE | 10 min

◦ Industry video providing overviews of life in digital


Challenge Activity: Part 1 | 1h 40 min

◦ Students undertake the challenges they have chosen

Lunch Break

Presentation Part 2: Working in Digital | 15 min

Continuing from Presentation Part 1. This part of the presentation gives students an overview of the breadth of careers available in the digital industry.

Please note, there is only one presentation which is used for the whole day and is split to reflect the agenda.

Video: Me, Myself and Digital | 5 min

This video introduces students to some of the young people already kicking it in digital. The types of roles they’re in and how they got there.

BIMA to provide video (online)

Challenge Activity: Part 2 | 1h 5 min

◦ Students undertake the challenges they have chosen

BIMA to provide challenge sheets (Posted to school) and available to download (Online)


Dragons Den Presentations | 30 min

◦ Students present their ideas (3-5 mins per group depending on numbers) and the agency/ teachers/ students select the idea they wish to go forward to the national competition (1 entry per challenge) and send to BIMA

Round Up and Questionnaires | 30 min

◦ Agency to summarise the days highlights/aims
◦ Agency, teacher and students to complete questionnaire (schools to collect and send back to BIMA)

Digital Day Ends