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2017 Digital Day Challenges

Students select one of the Digital Day briefs to tackle. Once completed, the best entries are entered into our nationwide competition and were in with the chance of winning one of our fantastic prizes!

Watch the videos from this year's sponsors and see what they were looking for.


Powered up pets

Whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, hamster or reptile, owning a pet is fun but can be hard work.

The Challenge
Create an innovative digital product or service for LV= pet insurance customers that could help pet owners: keep their pets healthy; make pet ownership more social; or take some of the hassle out of owning a pet.

Smart Schools

Artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and robotics are no longer Science Fiction and will increasingly become part of our daily lives and the wider world.

The Challenge
Imagine a way that digital advancements such as these could be used to improve one of the following aspects of school life:
1. This week is Anti Bullying Week. Imagine a way that technology could be used to reduce bullying in school and online or encourage others to stand up to bullying.
2. Classrooms of the future. How could digital technologies improve your school or your learning experience?  
Let your imagination run free and don’t be constrained by what’s possible “right now”.

Fashion of the Future

When it comes to digital advancements, fashion and beauty have always been ahead of the game. Wearable technology is quickly advancing and examples of this technology include gloves that can create music, necklaces that vibrate when you get a text and accessories such as Apple Watch, Fitbit, Google Glass and Snapchat Spectacles.

The Challenge
We want you to create a piece of wearable technology that would solve a problem that you, your family or friends face in everyday life.
Don’t be afraid to think big and be creative.


We have a host of great prizes up for grabs! As winners, not only are you crowned Digital Day champions 2017 but you’ll also bag a bit of swag.

£500 cash prize and a Digital Day certificate

We have £500 up for grabs for the winning school. This could be spent on IT equipment for the school or an educational trip for the winners. Each Digital Day winner will also receive a winners certificate to showcase.

Vue Cinema Tickets

Love films? This is the prize for you! We have two complimentary tickets for each of our Digital Day winners thanks to our friends at Vue Cinema.

Sky Academy Experience

Sky Academy Studios is a learning experience that takes schools behind the scenes at Sky, offering young people the chance to create their very own TV report.
They’re offering the winning Digital Day teams a free half day visit to their Studios in Osterley or Livingston, Scotland.
The experience includes:
• An exclusive tour behind the scenes at Sky Studios
• A chance to work with their cutting edge technology including broadcast quality cameras, green screens and touch screen edit tables
• Writing, shooting and editing your very own TV report
• A screening of the final edited report on the day

Up to 25 points for each student towards their iDEA Bronze Award

The Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award, known as iDEA, aims to equip young people with digital and enterprise skills. Wherever they are – on the bus, in the library, at school or in their bedroom, young people can access resources to inspire them for their future careers and help unlock their potential.
iDEA learners take on digital or event challenges and immediately start accumulating points towards their Bronze, Silver or Gold Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award.
Sign up to the Duke of York iDEA scheme here: to get 10 points for each student towards their iDEA Bronze Award