The talent pipeline starts here…


BIMA Digital Day is about inspiring the next generation by giving them an insight into the work and careers available in the digital sector.

Aimed at high school children, agencies work from ready-made lesson plans and materials to help teams of students solve challenges set by our sponsors as part of a nationwide competition. There are cash prizes for winning schools, and inspirational prizes for winning team members which have in the past included tours of Microsoft HQ and the Channel 4 studios.


Why should I sign my company up?

  1. It’s future-proofing: we all rely on a steady stream of talent coming into the industry. To date, 20,000+ students have taken part and almost 90% said they would consider a career in digital as a result.

  2. It’s developing: planning, organising, facilitating, presenting, mentoring – so many of the skills your people need in the workplace are put to the test on BIMA Digital Day.

  3. It’s rewarding: boost confidence, give back to your community, build new relationships in your area – it’s not only students that enjoy the rewards of BIMA Digital Day.