What can you expect from a career in digital?


Here you will find information relating to a wide of range jobs in our industry. Including average starting salaries, typical responsibilities and the skills required.

Digital Day 2017

Digital Day 2017

Account Executive

Average salary: £22,201

Relevant subjects: Business management, communications, accounting and finance, marketing, advertising, English

Skills needed: Multi-tasking, negotiation, organisation, relationship building


Account executives act as a sort of ‘bridge’ between agencies and companies. They work for the agency but build close relationships with clients and make sure both stay happy. The work is different every day. One day you could be solving a client problem; the next you might be preparing a sales pitch or organising a project.

Perfect for people who are ‘doers’, account executives need to be proactive and show passion for their company and its projects.

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Analytics Consultant

Average salary: £39,670

Relevant subjects: Mathematics, statistics, accounting

Skills needed: Organisation, communication, time management, multi-tasking, presentation


This role is perfect for planners, as it involves a lot of thought, analysis and understanding. Using data, analytics consultants measure the results of campaigns, so they can show clients and company the value of the work that was done – a vital part of getting repeat business!

Analytics consultants use digital analysis tools, and need a real passion for getting to the bottom of problems - and then finding solutions

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Content Strategist

Average salary: £35,749

Relevant subjects: English, journalism, communications, marketing, information management

Skills needed: Storytelling, organisation, creativity, strategy, multi-tasking


Content strategists use analytical skills and creativity to make sure that the content a client puts on its website, or in its ads and social media meets the goals of the client and its customers. Starting with research, this job involves everything from hunting down the hottest hashtags to strategy planning and project management.

This kind of role is perfect for someone who loves to create, but wants to know where their creations fit in the bigger picture.

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Art Director

Average salary: £36,173

Relevant subjects: graphic arts, illustration, photography, advertising, design

Skills needed: creativity, time management, presentation, research, editing


Art directors are vital in creative companies – they’re the ideas machines with the skills to make fantasy reality. Often working with a creative team, this job is all about originality.

This role is ideal for anyone with a strong imagination and the ability to think outside the box.

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Average salary: £21,883

Relevant subjects: graphic design, art, design

Skills needed: creativity, illustration, communication, attention to detail


A designer’s job is purely creative. They spend their days creating emails, making gifs, designing posters and much more, so a lot of imagination is needed!

Everything they do needs to be in line with their clients’ tone of voice. One of the hardest parts of the job is not letting personal taste get in the way of making the right decision for their company!

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project manager

Average salary: £38,013

Relevant subjects: business management or a specialised subject

Skills needed: communication, organisation, time management


A project manager plans and executes projects, making sure that everyone working on it knows what they’re doing. They’re the glue that hold projects together, and they’ll be involved throughout, from writing estimates and interpreting briefs to cracking the whip on the creative team!

If you like to set out a solid plan and then help others stick to it, this could be a great career!

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Average salary: £23,961

Relevant subjects: communications, business, internet marketing, IT

Skills needed: organisation, communication, creativity, time management


Search Engine Optimisation is big business. It ensures that when you Google the sort of products or services your client sells, their company appears high in the search results. SEO is done on the website itself, through social media, paid advertising and by building links with other brands.

Content is king to SEO people, so they need creativity combined with a strategic and technical mind.

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UX Designer

Average salary: £31,593

Relevant subjects: psychology, project management, business

Skills needed: imagination, empathy, communication, design, analysis


UX is ‘user experience’. UX designers make websites and apps better for everyone to use – a task that changes from project to project. They’ll usually work with developers and designers to create ways of balancing usability with design, and present them to companies.

Although technical skills are helpful, usability also means being able to put yourself in the shoes of customers, so it may involve making websites or apps more accessible to, for example, the elderly, children or people with disabilities.

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Web Developer

Average salary: £24,897

Relevant subjects: computer programming, web development, IT, computer science, web design

Skills needed: communication, coding, analysis, enthusiasm, curiosity


If you’ve ever enjoyed building something from scratch with code, this is the job for you! A web developer helps clients to get the most from their website, and has the technical know-how to fix any problems that show up.

They need to be able to work under pressure, and spend any spare time researching the field – digital is always changing, and it’s important to keep up!

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Social Media Manager

Average salary: £25,270

Relevant subjects: advertising, public relations, digital marketing, business, media, journalism, English

Skills needed: time management, communication, sociability, curiosity, initiative


Social media managers do a variety of tasks including writing social media posts in the voice of their brands, creating images and video content, interacting with customers and looking out for new trends and insights.

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