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Planning your digital day


For schools and agencies this document contains what you need to do to plan your day. There’s plenty of tips to help you make your day a huge success. What it includes:

  • Agencies/Companies - Planning Your Day

  • Information for schools with a partner agency

  • Information for schools without a partner agency

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Sample digital day agenda


The purpose of this document is to provide a template for Digital Day. It is meant as guidance only, to help inform how you run the day. For each of the items there are separate instructions and resources to help you get the best out of the day.

Please tailor the times in the agenda to fit the school day.

Here’s an example of what your day could look like.


how to run your day


This is for both schools and agencies and will give you a detailed plan of how to run your day.

Here’s an example of how you could run your day.



Challenge Toolkit


In this toolkit you’ll find a handy list of sites, apps and programmes below that students can use to help them bring their ideas to life. The below are free to use and should only require you to sign up – they have been pulled together with the intention to let students play around with some of the digital elements of their challenges.

Download here.


The Challenges


Here are your challenges. Students will choose from the 3 challenges provided. There is a prize for each challenge winner, so where possible ensure groups choose different challenges. All challenges are set and sponsored by industry.

Vodafone Challenge FA Challenge BBC Challenge


Digital Day Presentation and videos


Official BIMA Digital Day presentation, which includes videos. This will be your main asset to be used on the day. You can revise this as you see fit, but please keep the Digital Day themes and timings suggested for each section.

Powerpoint Keynote

Industry Videos: The Best of The Best (Video 1), Me, Myself and Digital (Video 2)

The 4 D’s of Digital: Discover (Video 3), Decide (Video 4), Design (Video 5) and Deliver (Video 6)


student certificate


The Digital Day Certificate. Please download and print for all your students. 





Please help us to improve Digital Day and help the digital industry develop and close the digital skills gap. Your feedback is crucial, please complete the pre-and post questionnaires provided here. Student and Teacher questionnaires included.

Teachers (Download) Teachers (Online)

Students - Pre Digital Day (Download) Pre Digital Day (Online)

Students - Post Digital Day (Download) Post Digital Day (Online)


Next Steps?


In this guide you will find lots of information about clubs you can join to create and develop your digital skills.

Next Steps


Press Pack


This pack contains all the information you will need to promote your involvement in Digital Day. In the pack you will find, stats, photos and quotes.