Frequently Asked Questions


School faQ's

How does it work?

You sign up here and then BIMA pair you with a local company for the day. BIMA will also provide you with all the assets and materials you need to run the day, all you need to is get in touch with your partner company to say hello and go through any housekeeping! On the day, your company will turn up to help facilitate the day (including a presentation in the morning and helping students to tackle the sponsored challenges).

What if we are not paired with a company ?

There are undoubtedly more schools than companies in some regions but you can still run the day and enter the competition. We provide you will all the information you need including a presentation to set the day off .

Is it completely free to take part?

Yes! BIMA provide you with all the assets you need on the day including the challenge sheets and presentation.

Will it be a full school day?

Yes! We ask schools to keep the entire day on 13 November free for Digital Day (companies, that's from about 8.30am - 4pm). The presentation in the morning will last an hour and the challenges should take up the rest of the day.

What assets do I receive on the day?

Schools will receive their challenge sheets in the post at the beginning of November so keep an eye on your post box. Everything else that you need will be sent to you by email so keep an eye on your inbox.

Now many students need to be involved?

This one is completely up to you. Typically, we see class sizes of 30-40 students but there have been instances where classes could be smaller (anything from 15) to much much bigger (100+). If you are planning to have more than 50 students, please let us know so we can allocate the right amount of resources.

What technology do I need on the day?

Digital Day is all about technology, however we do understand that certain restrictions apply within schools to help keep students safe. The first half of the day is presentation based - we recommend that students gather in front of one screen to watch. For the challenges, we'd recommend, where possible, that teams have access to at least one computer, printer and internet connection. They will be using the computers for research, designs and inspiration as well as to fill in our end of day questionnaire. Digital Day is also the one day that we recommend students have access to their mobile phones in class so that they can get involved over social.

When will my challenge packs arrive?

Challenge packs will be posted to the school and should be with you week commencing 6th November. They will also be available to download, along with comprehensive instruction sheets of how to run your day. We will email you when these are live, so keep an eye on your inbox for more information. Everything you need will be posted here, so keep checking back for more information.

What do I receive in my challenge packs?

There are 3 challenges to choose from on the day. In your packs, you will find: two sets of three challenges and a student and teacher questionnaire.

What do the challenges look like?

Last year’s challenges included: Think of a fun game for young people to save money; Using a laptop, phone and drone solve one of the world’s biggest problem; Develop a new piece of technology or campaign to reduce obesity in young people.

How do I submit the challenges after the day?

All of the challenges are completed on paper, so you need to simply send these back to us by the deadline. In the future, we would like all of the submissions to be digital, but for now, we don’t want to restrict schools that don’t have access to computer equipment.

Company faq's

What do you need from my company?

All we need from you is to commit 2 members of staff to go to a school and run the day on 13th November. If you have more than 2 people and are happy attending more than 1 school then let us know.

Who should go?

Anyone who is happy to help – though do bear in mind they’re there to represent the industry and your company and they will be presenting to a class of teenagers during the morning session.
It’s a great opportunity for junior staff including apprentices to get out the office, but anyone who is passionate about bridging the skills gap and telling others about their role is perfect!
From client services through to developers from UX through to administrators, anyone can be involved. They do not need to go through DBS checks as they will be accompanied by a teacher with students at all times.

What planning do we need to do in advance?

The planning should take approximately half a day’s effort overall. This includes liaising with your partnered school in advance, swapping numbers, arranging arrival times, discussing protocols/housekeeping, confirming student numbers and tailoring the presentation template that will be provided with your company story.

What would be my role on Digital Day?

You are there to provide support, information and inspiration only and will always have a teacher present. You will lead the presentation in the morning, explanations of digital roles and careers, video content and generally help inspire the students to tackle the briefs in the afternoon, helping them shape their responses and learn about working in the sector.

Do we need to bring any equipment or technology?

Some schools won’t have equipment and you don’t have to provide it. The challenges are submitted on paper and if they have them, computers can be used for research, designs, ideas etc.  If they do have computers and you want to get them using them then great!

What help will I get?

As it’s been running for a number of successful years now – you’re in safe hands. BIMA have created guides, downloadable assets and videos that you'll be sent, and the schools will receive their info packs for the day in the lead up to the event.
We will always be available for questions too - you are not alone!
There will also be some webinars that you can attend so you can put your questions to BIMA about best practice for the day.

What if I'm already in touch with a school?

Then you are doing a great job already! On the form when you sign up please add the name of the school, remembering to get them to sign up too.