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Challenges for 2017 are coming soon. Check out last years below.



2016 Digital Day Challenges

Students select one of the Digital Day briefs to tackle. Once completed, the best entries are entered into our nationwide competition and were in with the chance of winning one of our fantastic prizes!

Watch the videos from this year's sponsors and see what they were looking for.


Raise awarness, fight cancer

Did you know? Three in four people aren’t aware that obesity causes cancer. Being overweight or obese can cause up to 10 types of cancer and the message around the damage obesity causes, both in childhood and in adulthood, isn’t getting through. It’s estimated that almost 72% of the UK population will be overweight or obese by 2035. We need your help to stop that!

The Challenge
Using only digital solutions, think of an idea to make young people more aware of the obesity crisis, allowing them to make more informed choices and take back control of their own health!

The Money Maker

Money is important. It allows us to do exciting things, travel to new places and treat ourselves, friends and family. To be able to do all of this you need to both earn and save money.

The Challenge
Design a fun game that will get young people interested in earning and/or saving money, and perhaps even teach them how or help them to do it. We’re looking for fun ideas that will use the digital technology you have at school or at home.

Improving people’s lives through digital

Imagine a large and diverse community where the biggest five problems are: Unemployment, Poor health, Gender inequality, Poverty, Poor standards of education.
In this community, nearly everyone has a smartphone with access to the internet. Some people with more money also have laptops and some even have simple, lightweight drones. The drones have cameras fitted, but are not big enough to transport anything.

The Challenge
Pick one of the five problems above, and using the resources available to the community, develop a new creative solution to the problem that will improve their everyday lives.